2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50

Suzuki introduced their first Boulevard into the market in 2005. These bikes are famed with class, style, efficiency and sophistication. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 undoubtedly is in this class of cruisers as it has a cutting edge performance combined with a visually classic look. The bike has a foot peg location for both the passenger and the driver with a standard kick stand. It has standard construction,exterior covers, exterior guards, front fender, hand grips and rear fender. The bike also has fork guards,engine case guard and a side cover.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 side

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 Review

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 has tubeless tires mounted on aluminum wheels. The hind wheel is 15 inches in diameter while the front wheel is 16 inches in diameter. Both the front and rear tires on this bike have a ‘H’ speed rating. The aspect ratio of the front tire is 90 while the aspect ratio of the hind tire is 80. The width of the rear tire is 170mm while that of the front is 130mm. The full spec of the rear tire is 170/80 R15M/C 77H while that of the front is 130/90 R16M/C 67H. The bike has a hydraulic disc front brake and a drum rear break. The front brake has a diameter of 300mm while the hind brake is 180mm in diameter.
The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 has inverted fork front suspension of 1.6 inches in diameter while the hind suspension is a twin sided steel swing arm. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 has 1 rear shock absorber in the form of an adjustable shock/spring pre-load. The M50 is a manual transmission with 5 speeds. Its primary drive is a shaft.

The standard instruments installed on this bike make it easy to operate. These instruments are just enough for the rider to operate the bike efficiently and safely. The bike has 2 standard leather seats with the passenger seat being easily detachable. It also has a standard grab rail and a seat height of 700mm. The driver’s seat is mounted in such a way that it has a gradual front sloping gradient which makes it comfortable to ride over long distances. The bike has a standard tank divider and no storage facilities.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 Performance

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 has a 4-stroke V twin fuel injected engine. It has a compression ratio of 9.41 with a displacement of 49.1ci and 805cc. The engine has 2 cylinders with each containing four valves arranged in an SOHC configuration. The cylinder bore is 83mm with strokes of 74.4mm. This engine has an electric starter,liquid cooling systems and regular fuel requirements. These three characteristics make the bike maintenance cost to be low as its spare parts are readily available and much affordable.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 Price and release

This sleek and stylish cruiser has low maintenance costs due to its efficient and manageable fuel consuming engine whose spare parts are also readily available. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 has a price tag of $8,800 and is due for release in May/June 2015

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