2016 Suzuki DR-Z70

The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 is a small bike that is designed for young riders usually from the age of 7 and above. The manufacturer has described this bike to have a big heart despite being small in size mainly because it will come with a 10-inch wheel, a 22-inch tall seat, a fully automated clutch and a 3 speed transmission offering a displacement of about 70-cc. This features will ensure that it is easy to handle and fun to ride for youngsters while at the same time offering convenience. It also makes it to be among the best bikes for youngsters to learn the basics of riding and to develop riding skills.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 side2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 Review

The exteriors are made from a lightweight frame that make it durable while the overall curb weight is about 55-kg. This makes it among the lightest bikes that fall under this category when you compare it to its competitors. The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 will roll on a 10-inch spoked wheels with tube type of tires while the wheel base is expected to be about 36.8-inches. It will have a low 22-inch seat height that will offer a slightly forward-leaning position while on the ride and this will enhance maximum mobility. It is expected to measure about 52-inch in length, 22.8-inch in width while the overall height measures about 31.1-inches. It will be fitted with a dual front and rear drum brakes offering a strong braking system. This motorcycle will have an exterior which is mainly champion yellow No-2 in color.

It is expected to be powered by a 67-cc air-cooled, four stroke single, OHC single valve engine with a compression ratio of 9:5:1. The transmission will be a semi-automatic clutch system and a three speed constant mesh. The primary drive (rear wheel) will use a chain. This will be convenient for young riders since it will be easy for the them to use with a semi-automatic clutch system. It is also expected to have both an electric and a kick starter. It will have a regular fuel requirement and it is a gas type.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z70

2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 Price

This 2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 is set to come with a standard limited 12 months warranty with unlimited mileage. The bike is will be sold at an approximate price of about $1799 when it is introduced to the market. The exact release date may not yet be clear but this motorcycle should be expected in mid 2015 where it will be introduced as a 2016 year model. This bike will be expected to stand tall in the market despite the tough competition that it will receive mainly from Honda.

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