2016 Suzuki RM85 Review

A motor bike otherwise known as motor cycle is a two wheeled motor vehicle designed to cater for wide range of purposes from long distance travelling to off road racing. Suzuki, one of the prolific motor bike designers and manufacturer made off road and dirt racing a living reality by producing the RM85 model of off-road motorbikes. The RM85 has passed on a powerful legacy of traditional racing superiority in the RM family. The introduction of the new 2016 Suzuki RM85 will provide rookies and professional racers with a world class top handling capability and smooth delivery of magnificent power compared to its predecessor.

2016 Suzuki RM85

2016 Suzuki RM85 Review

The 2016 Suzuki RM85 is powered by a two-stroke engine which delivers smooth force with prominence on low to mid-range performance. It’s the ideal motocross motorcycle for all who are learning to race and looking forward to winning races. Its exterior look is beastly and it has a razor sharp handling. The brakes in the new 2016 Suzuki RM85 are quick responsive and this feature makes them unique compared to other off-road bikes. Its mechanical features make it a masterpiece in the off-road racing universe.

The engine features in the 2016 Suzuki RM85 are mind blowing. It comes with the RM85’s high-rowing 84.77cc and a reed-valve engine which has a stroke and bore of 46.8mm. Engine cylinders are trusted to deliver great robustness, effectual heat transfer and weight cutback for greater class performance. The bike also comes with an exhaust valve made of aluminum to best go with the expansion tempo of the cylinders. The 2016 Suzuki RM85 is equipped with a large-capacity radiator for a reliable and efficient cooling system. Its actuator and exhaust valve governor enables it to offer overall tractability through a good throttle reaction.

The bike is has a superb and smooth shifting 6 speed transmission making it one of the fastest off-road dirt bike. The transmission consists of a needle bearing on the left side of the shift drum and a well-built shift-drum. Its chassis comes with thick wall aluminum swing arm and a tubular steel frame that makes it perform excellently. The RM85’ plastic rear brake calipers safeguard and reduces the likelihood of bending and also saves weight. The motorbike has a long clutch lever making it easy for racers to correctly locate and work the engagement points throughout starts and when clutching off the corners. It has an efficient fuel regulatory system making it pocket friendly in terms of fuel costs.

2016 Suzuki RM85 side

2016 Suzuki RM85 Price and release date

The 2016 Suzuki RM85 will hit the stores early July this year, 2015 at an affordable and friendly price, which is yet to be revealed. Do not miss on it.

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