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2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 side

Suzuki introduced their first Boulevard into the market in 2005. These bikes are famed with class, style, efficiency and sophistication. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 undoubtedly is in this class of cruisers as it has a cutting edge performance combined with a visually classic look. The bike has a foot peg location for both the passenger and the driver with a standard kick stand. It has standard construction,exterior covers, exterior guards, front fender, hand grips and rear fender. The bike also has fork guards,engine case guard and a side cover.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T front

In 2005, the first boulevard model of the Suzuki motorcycles was introduced into the market. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T is a stylish, powerful and classic cruiser motorcycle which has developed very much from the initial 2005 release model. The bike is also known as ‘blacked-out Suzuki special’ due to its overall black color.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T front

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T is a true classic with its timeless design that has given ultimate freedom to riding. It is all about a laid back appearance and a nerve wrecking rumble that only it can provide. With its unmistakable style, ultra-modern technology and an ergonomic ride position it will without any doubt break many a heart. It offers a modern day classic appearance that will provide motor bike revelers with classic comfort, styling and great performance. With added shots of Suzuki technology and the timeless look, is sure to provide you ultimate thrill of riding the open highways in style.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90 front

The Boulevard model of Suzuki motorcycles was first introduced in the market in 2005. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90 is a classic and powerful cruiser motorcycle which has evolved from the initial 2005 model. The bike has standard construction, exterior covers, exterior guards, floor boards, front fender, rear fender, a kick stand and hand grips. The frame is made of steel with side cover and fork guards. The wheels are made of aluminum and the tires are tubeless. The front wheel diameter is 17 inches while the rear wheel is 16 inches.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50 front

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50, is going to continue with the long Suzuki tradition of producing a cruiser that not only has the classic looks, but combines latest technological advancements with classic designs to provide the rider with the at most comfort and road experience. Suzuki designers are going to retain the classic looks of its predecessor with just few additions to boot. This model is going to have improved road performance, maintain the riding comfort of its predecessors, as well as dish out major horse power and torque through the proven forty five degree V-shaped engine which generates 805cc and exhilarating front end experience.