2016 Suzuki V-STROM 1000ABS

2016 Suzuki V-STROM 1000ABS front

A motorcycle is also known as motorbike or a bike, and they are of two types namely two-wheeled and three-wheeled type of this motor vehicle. They are designs differs greatly in order to suit different functions such as long distance travel, commuting, sports including racing and off road rides. The 2016 Suzuki V-STROM 1000ABS is made to conquer every road and even extreme weather conditions.

2016 Suzuki V-STROM 650 ABS Adventure

2016 Suzuki V-STROM 650 ABS Adventure

There are a couple of things that one needs to consider before purchasing a motorcycle. The most important factor is what the bike will be used for. It is not reasonable to buy a super bike 1000 cc for the purpose of commuting. It is likely to be very uncomfortable for longer journeys. The 2016 Suzuki V-STROM 650 ABS Adventure, just as the name suggests is designed for adventure. It is designed for the typical rider who is looking for a thrill. The quality is however not compromised but is top-notch.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z400SM

2016 Suzuki DR-Z400SM front

The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z400SM is a magnificent bike manufactured for any bike lover who is interested in both off road and street riding. It is a powerful machine with off road capabilities to yearn for across difficult terrains. It is a pretty light bike and with that is the ease at handling across all sorts of environment. It has a pretty well placed suspension system both in the front and the rear parts which enable it handle any sort of terrain with ease. The bike has one amazing engine capability as it is equipped with liquid cooled, a strong low RPM torque a four stroke engine and a superb throttle response that is crucial for any bike rider enthusiast of drifting.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90 front

The Boulevard model of Suzuki motorcycles was first introduced in the market in 2005. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90 is a classic and powerful cruiser motorcycle which has evolved from the initial 2005 model. The bike has standard construction, exterior covers, exterior guards, floor boards, front fender, rear fender, a kick stand and hand grips. The frame is made of steel with side cover and fork guards. The wheels are made of aluminum and the tires are tubeless. The front wheel diameter is 17 inches while the rear wheel is 16 inches.

2016 Suzuki RMZ 450

2016 Suzuki RMZ 450 front

For all motocross lovers, the ability to maneuver a dirt bike through a course or when riding through the off roads, is of at most importance. It is for this reason that Suzuki will unveil their 2016 version of the RMZ 450. With this in mind Suzuki engineers have come up with a few modifications to add on to the proven performance of the 2015 model. They have made the chassis more stable, adjusted the suspensions, made the motorbike more lighter among other intricate modifications. They will retain the engine that has served this model so well, the four stroke, single cylinder that generates 449cc.

2016 Suzuki Hayabusa

2016 Suzuki Hayabusa front

Suzuki is well known for their high performance motorcycles. That is no exception in one of their newest upcoming models, the 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa. Early rumors indicate this newly upgraded bike is sure to please Suzuki fans and maybe even pull in a few followers of other brands. While it maintains its powerful, muscular structure, some safety upgrades are expected. The new upgrades have been a long time coming, but rumors are flying that the release of the 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa is just around the corner.

2016 Suzuki GW 250F

2016 Suzuki GW 250F front

With Suzuki being world leaders in the motorcycle industry, it is no surprise they have outdone themselves with the launch of the 2016 Suzuki GW 250F. It is a leg up from the 2015 GW 250 F with many of the same features and streamlined features.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50 front

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50, is going to continue with the long Suzuki tradition of producing a cruiser that not only has the classic looks, but combines latest technological advancements with classic designs to provide the rider with the at most comfort and road experience. Suzuki designers are going to retain the classic looks of its predecessor with just few additions to boot. This model is going to have improved road performance, maintain the riding comfort of its predecessors, as well as dish out major horse power and torque through the proven forty five degree V-shaped engine which generates 805cc and exhilarating front end experience.