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2016 Suzuki RM85 Review

2016 Suzuki RM85

A motor bike otherwise known as motor cycle is a two wheeled motor vehicle designed to cater for wide range of purposes from long distance travelling to off road racing. Suzuki, one of the prolific motor bike designers and manufacturer made off road and dirt racing a living reality by producing the RM85 model of off-road motorbikes. The RM85 has passed on a powerful legacy of traditional racing superiority in the RM family. The introduction of the new 2016 Suzuki RM85 will provide rookies and professional racers with a world class top handling capability and smooth delivery of magnificent power compared to its predecessor.

2016 Suzuki GSX-R600

2016 Suzuki GSX-R600 front

Since releasing its first GSXR-600 back in 1992, Suzuki has managed to get a large portion of the markets with this model. 2016 Suzuki GSX-R600 is among the best super-sport bike currently available in the World not only because of the engine but also the whole package.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z400 Review, Price

2016 Suzuki DR-Z400 front

Taking of engineering and designs cues from one of the dedicated off-road machines, 2016 Suzuki DR-Z400 is arguably represents Suzuki company in the growing class of super-moto motorcycles styles, which bring about suspension, durability as well an off-road capable motorcycle to the fully street-legal machine. Super motors are currently ready to blur the lines that existed between urban landscape and great outdoors. Riders are nowadays looking for comfortable motorcycles with agility and durability.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 side

Suzuki introduced their first Boulevard into the market in 2005. These bikes are famed with class, style, efficiency and sophistication. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M50 undoubtedly is in this class of cruisers as it has a cutting edge performance combined with a visually classic look. The bike has a foot peg location for both the passenger and the driver with a standard kick stand. It has standard construction,exterior covers, exterior guards, front fender, hand grips and rear fender. The bike also has fork guards,engine case guard and a side cover.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z125L

2016 Suzuki DR-Z125L front

This is a great custom version of the DR-Z125L. The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z125L has a 19-Inch front and 16-inch rear tires. It is a great bike for larger riders due to its front disc brake. The great model and style on this motorcycle was inspired by the RM-Z motocross bike that won a great deal of championship awards. The RM-Z had number plates, frame covers and sharp-looking fenders.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T front

In 2005, the first boulevard model of the Suzuki motorcycles was introduced into the market. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C90T is a stylish, powerful and classic cruiser motorcycle which has developed very much from the initial 2005 release model. The bike is also known as ‘blacked-out Suzuki special’ due to its overall black color.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T

2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T front

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard C50T is a true classic with its timeless design that has given ultimate freedom to riding. It is all about a laid back appearance and a nerve wrecking rumble that only it can provide. With its unmistakable style, ultra-modern technology and an ergonomic ride position it will without any doubt break many a heart. It offers a modern day classic appearance that will provide motor bike revelers with classic comfort, styling and great performance. With added shots of Suzuki technology and the timeless look, is sure to provide you ultimate thrill of riding the open highways in style.

2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000SE

2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000SE

The 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000 refers to a street motorbike that is being developed and manufactured by the Suzuki Company. The 2016 will be developed based on the GSX-R750 model that first graced the market in 1985. The new 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000SE will indeed embody the Suzuki spirit of agility and dynamism. The bodywork of the R1000SE will be based on the open bike model where the engine will be exposed as opposed to the closed bike model in which the engine is completely covered. In conformity with the overall design of the previous model’s GSX body shapes, the R1000 will have an angular body shape with a single headlight. The bike will also have a windscreen to offer the rider protection against oncoming wind.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z125

2016 Suzuki DR-Z125 front

The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z125 is expected to be sold within a price range of $3,199 and $3,500. It is a popular bike among rough terrain racers and is versatile for off road uses. The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z125 will be made available in the common Champion Yellow and the Solid Black colors. The all new Suzuki DR-Z125 motorcycle will probably the same engine type of 4-stroke, a fitted OHC with air cooled system and a displacement of 124 cc.

2016 Suzuki DR-Z70

2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 side

The 2016 Suzuki DR-Z70 is a small bike that is designed for young riders usually from the age of 7 and above. The manufacturer has described this bike to have a big heart despite being small in size mainly because it will come with a 10-inch wheel, a 22-inch tall seat, a fully automated clutch and a 3 speed transmission offering a displacement of about 70-cc. This features will ensure that it is easy to handle and fun to ride for youngsters while at the same time offering convenience. It also makes it to be among the best bikes for youngsters to learn the basics of riding and to develop riding skills.